Hazelnut Suppliers from Georgia: GEONUTS

Hazelnut Suppliers from Georgia: GEONUTS

Introduction Georgia, with its fertile lands and favorable climate, has become a prominent player in the global hazelnut market. One of the leading companies driving this growth is GEONUTS, operating under NorthStar LLC. This article explores GEONUTS’ role in the hazelnut supply chain and highlights why they are a top choice for hazelnut buyers worldwide.

GEONUTS: A Leader in Quality and Service GEONUTS is renowned for its commitment to quality, directly collaborating with local farmers to ensure the highest standards. The company offers a variety of hazelnut products, including:

  • Hazelnuts in the shell (calibers 19, 21+)
  • Hazelnut kernels (calibers 11, 11-13, 13-15, 15+)
  • Roasted hazelnuts
  • Blanched hazelnuts

Production Capacity and Logistics With a production capacity of up to 500 tons per month, GEONUTS guarantees a reliable supply chain. Their in-house logistics service allows for cost-effective shipment consolidation, enabling even smaller wholesale orders to be efficiently managed.

Global Reach and Certification GEONUTS supplies high-quality hazelnuts to companies across the CIS and Europe, meeting international standards. Each batch undergoes rigorous quality control, with certification provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

Sustainability and Farmer Support By working closely with both large and small farms, GEONUTS supports local agriculture and promotes sustainable farming practices. This collaboration ensures the ecological purity and natural quality of their hazelnuts.

Contact Information For those interested in sourcing hazelnuts from Georgia, GEONUTS offers various communication channels for inquiries and orders:

  • Address: Mitskevichi 10, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Phone: +995 (555) 88-00-88
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Skype: sales.geonuts
  • WhatsApp/Viber: +995555880088

Conclusion GEONUTS stands out as a premier supplier of Georgian hazelnuts, thanks to their dedication to quality, extensive production capacity, and robust logistical support. Their efforts in sustainable agriculture and close cooperation with farmers make them a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

For more information, visit GEONUTS.