Preorder for the best georgian hazelnuts – new harvest

We are excited to announce opening of pre-orders , our sales department started working 24/7 to handle huge amount of inquires we have already.

The main target of Pre-orders is to benefit our old and stable partners ,start new long term, profitable  relationships with new customers .

Terms And Details of Order :

Price : We will deal about fixed price for total order amount .

Quality of Product : Product will be highest quality , Caliber of product depends on request .

Amount : Minimum order amount is 25 ton and maximum is limited to 200 ton.

Packing : Packing depends on request . we can make 25/40/50/1000 KG polypropylene or jute bags or 10 KG vacuum + carton bags.

Transportation: We can provide transportaion service by sea , inland or air transport , depend on client request .

Documentation: We will deliver : Certificate of Health (Fito certificate) , Certificate of Origin , Packing List , Invoice , BL/CMR/AWB. Other additional checking  and documents only on request .( For additional checks we can provide international , independent company quality check certificate on each container SGS Company)

Payment : 50% Pre-payment (advance payment) and next 50% after sending copy of BL/CMR/AWB .

Dates: Predicted harvest date is :1-8 August , after 10 Days we will send first containers .

The Pre-order companies are limited !
To place your preorders please fill the form below…
Our Sales department will contact you back ASAP.

GEONUTS contacts

Mitskevichi st. 10, 0194 Tbilisi, Georgia

tel: +995 (32) 24-24-155

tel: +995 (555) 88-00-88

tel: +41 (555) 88-00-77

email :

skype : sales.geonuts


Preorders for new harvest of georgian hazelnuts