The company GEONUTS  is one of the most leading companies on the territory of Georgia in its field. Our main business is the production and export of Georgian hazelnuts.

A team of professionals put a lot of effort, energy and knowledge to ensure the perfect quality of production, high level of service and low prices for our partners. All these conditions make the company GEONUTS to be the leader in the Georgian market.

GEONUTS directly cooperates with farmers, takes hazelnuts from large and small farms with its all ensuring quality control of the ecologically pure and natural product.

GEONUTS produces and exports the following products: – hazelnuts in the shell (calibers 19, 21+) – hazelnut kernel (calibers 11, 11-13, from 13 to 15, 15+) – roasted hazelnuts – blanched hazelnut

Our products undergo through control to complete the customer’s demand to export , according to the results the certificates are issued.

The monthly volume of production is up to 500 tons.

Our own logistics service allows to consolidate the shipments of small parties, saving on transportation costs, so our customers can place wholesale orders from 1 ton, at the same time cost of outgoing delivery is proportional for shipments of the whole containers.

We provide a reliable supply of high quality Georgian hazelnut for companies in the CIS and Europe. Our partners are both producers of different products from a hazelnut, and at the same time wholesale companies around the world.