Looking for Investment

Company GEONUTS is searching for person or company which will be interested in investing hazelnut manufacturing and trading business .

Company if full of young openminded professional staff in  it’s field , we have greatest success in this business filed and we have greater targets .

As time goes by and we need to improve our manufacturing processes, we need more money to invest in new heaviest and build new international standards factory.

So if you have money, if you are  interested to invest in this kind of business, if you want to earn more money or just want have another interesting business field , feel free to contact us .


The approximate investment need is 3 000 000 $ , this is not big money for this type of  business and as soon as you dive in this field  you will find another great interesting thing in your life .

We are located in Georgia ( Black Sea Region ).

About Georgia

Georgia is located in the Caucasus region and is a gateway between Europe and Asia.It borders the Black Sea from the west, Russian Federation from the north, Azerbaijan from the south east, and Armenia and Turkey from the south.


Georgia is a democratic Presidential-Parliamentary republic,with the President as the Head of State and Prime Minister as the Head of Government. Since gaining independence from the former Soviet Union, Georgia has opened up its country and its economy to the world for the last 22 years. Today, one of the government’s core economic policies involves developing the business climate to facilitate investment, integrating with international markets and attracting foreign direct investment.

By undertaking numerous economic reform initiatives and ensuring a strong legal system to protect investor rights, Georgia has positioned itself as an attractive destination for foreign direct investment.



As a bridge between Europe and Asia, the economy of Georgia is highly integrated with international markets. As a Regional Headquarters for international firms, Georgia provides direct access to ~ 400 million market (with farther capacity of ~1 billion when DCFTA with EU is enforced).

Since 2004, the Government has implemented extensive reforms to offer a Liberal Tax System and a business friendly environment to potential investors. Pro-business legislation and labor flexibility have contributed to trade liberalization and a significant growth in local production and exports.

Despite recent decreases in economic growth rates due to the global financial crisis, real GDP growth was 7.2% and Foreign Direct Investment was over USD 1.2 Billion (2011).

This economic growth and increased international investment has created many social benefits, including increased education and employment opportunities, more specialized trades, expanded access to capital and international business standards.




interested candidates please contact us Email: contact@geonuts.org indicating in subject field “I Want To put Investment ” Or CALL NOW +995 555880088 / +41 555880077 


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