Specifications Of In-Shell Hazelnut

Georgian Hazelnut Specifications

Calibration From 16 up to 21+mm with 1-2 mm size differences
Packing 25/50 kg PP bags
Standart Marking Description, size, crop, producer, origin, weight, lot, best before
Shelf Life 12 months in PP bags
Appearance Uniform,whole and sound kernels
Taste/Odour Typical
Texture Sound
Colour Typical, dark brown
Appearance Regular-shaped, whole
Taste/Smell Clear and unmistakable of hazelnut
Colour Brown, typical for variety
Moisture 7% max. (if grinded with shell max.12%)
Fat Content 55% -68%
Free Fatty Acids 0,7% max
Peroxide 0,7 mEq/kg max
Aflatoxin B1 2 ppb max
Aflatoxin B1+B2+G1+G2+ 4ppb max
Foreign Matteries 0,25%
Shell, Skin Parts 0.2% max
DEFECTS 7% max. (insect damaged, shriveled, moulded, rancid-lemonous, sour
Under/Over Calibre +/- 10% max
Empty Ratio 8 pcs /100pcs



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