Specification of Raw Hazelnut Kernels
Hazelnut Kernel Specifications
Calibration From 9 up to 15+mm with 1-2 mm size differences
Packing 25/40/50 kg PP bags, 50/80kg jute bags,1000kg  big bags
Standart Making Description, size, crop, producer, origin, weight, lot, best before
Shelf Life 12 months in jute or big bags
Appearance Uniform, whole and sound kernels
Taste/Odour Typical fresh hazelnut taste, free from foreign odours
Texture Firm and crispy
Colour Typical, brown
Moisture 6% max.
Fat Content 55% -68%
Free Fatty AIDS 0,7% max
Peroxide 0,7 mEq/kg max.
Aflatoxin B1 2 ppb max.
Aflatoxin B1+B2+G1+G2+ 4ppb max.
Foreign Matters 10 pcs max. (except unshelled and shell pieces)
Defectous 2.0% max (inner/visible rotten, inner/visible mouldy, rancid, lemonous)
Broken 1%max
Under/Over Calibre +/- 5% max.
Mechenically Damaged 7% max.
Shrivelled, Lemonous 4% max.
Total Plate Count 20000/gr. max.
Salmonella absent/25gr.
E.COLI absent/gr.
Mouldo Yeast 1000cfu/gr. max
Straph Aureus 10 cfu/gr. max.
Enterobacteriaseae 200 cfu/gr. max.
Total Coliform 100cfu/gr. max.


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